Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not a speedpaint but I need help

This is a comp of a turner-esque painting I want to do for my mother's birthday. I would really love any feedback before I print this and start working. I kind of want to work in some figures but it's too involved since the day is fast upon me..


Chenpopo said...

I love the mood to this. Will make a good painting.

My only suggestions are to remove that sunken boat. You will find that it doesn't work/won't look right as a painting. If anything, I would add a boat silhoutte along the horizon way off in the distance.

I don't think you need figures either. What is there is just right (minus the sunken boat).

Justin K. said...

i agree with the boat comment. i think you'll run into an issue similar to the bear painting you did at school. may be tough to get it to read as a boat, when really its not important to the piece.

this will make a great painting. i demand to see it when you're finished!

Danny said...

Thanks for the advice guys, I will probably proceed sans boat. You're right, the piece would have to be more about the light and not some half-assed narrative tossed into the midground.

Justin K. said...
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Justin K. said...

yay for redundant posts.

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