Monday, August 16, 2010


edit: shrunk figures and tried to give it more of a finish


David said...

like what ya got going man....LOVE the way you handled the mountains and desribed the form

seems like the figures are too large and seem to shrink the scale of the cathedral a bit ;D

Danny said...

dude, you are so right on about the figures being too large - doh!

David said...

yep i likey! like the way you brought out the bridge yo, shoots my eye right to the subject...BAM!

scomac said...

Hey Danny, good job. Really nice. You nailed the lava.
I think the figures are still too large in your revision. Compare them to the columns supporting the bridge, either its a flimsy bridge or they are giants. There is a shape behind the castle on the right that is a little off perspective and my eye is drawn straight to that

Danny said...

Thanks for the crits, that is a good benchmark for checking scale rather than winging it.

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