Monday, August 9, 2010


still working on the gun


scomac said...

You have restored my faith in the male gender.

Justin K. said...

meowwww. the thickness of the legs in contrast to her arms is sort of distracting to me. the upper torso is built for a skinny, model type build, while the legs aren't. i think some continuity in body type would make her instantly sexier. also, her left shoulder looks a bit flat to me.

cool stuff dan!

Keith said...

Whats up dannyboy! Nice concept. Her left leg is a little larger maybe thinning it out near her knee cap would help.

Chenpopo said...

I really like this character design. I find it very elegant and she has a lot of attitude. Good costume design. There are a few anatomy issues that were already pointed out but those are easily fixable. It's finding those design elements that I have difficult with but they are all there in your image. Good silo too.

I find that your focus right now is on the shiny leather boots. Your eye immediately goes there. The head is missing a little something to balance. Either stronger lighting on or around the head or more saturation.

Danny said...

Thanks for the crits guys,

I am open to your criticism Justin, but what I was going for was a body type that I find attractive. Much like the Frazetta/R. Crumb girls where the lower body seriously "outweighs" the upper body ;)

Not sure if that makes it an issue of anatomy or personal preference. If anyone has advice on how to get that body type, I would love to hear it.

That issue with the boots is a big one, thanks los.

Justin K. said...

ahhh i see, may want to work out the shapes then; add more defined, sexy curves.

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