Sunday, December 13, 2009

some sort of sci-fi character

after an hour or two futzing around in photoshop. the silhouette gave off more of a fantasy vibe at first, but somehow went in the other direction. funny how stuff works out like that sometimes.

how to make this better?


Danny said...

Dig it Justin! I can tell you pushed yourself on the silhouette and it paid off, awesome shapes.

My crit is on how you handled the materials. Thinking about what a subject is made of is inherently tied in to thinking about how light is hitting the subject.

If an object is chrome and highly reflective, be aware of what is creating those tones and try to keep them consistent.

Check out how Robagobo creates variety and contrast in the handling of his metallic surfaces.

Chenpopo said...

I like your concept. Very cool.

It looks like the creature's whole suit is made out of chrome. That's just asking for a buttkicking since you would have all sorts of crazy reflective light bouncing all over the various forms and shapes. It would prob be better if you just made areas of interest "chromy" (if that is even a word) and keep the rest in shadow. Would help to focus the image some. Focus on the areas that the light is hitting directly.

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