Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Speeder sketch

Tried to repel the sinking feeling of inadequacy after seeing the work on the dune sketchblog...sigh.


David said...

dude win on this one....awesome stuff

scomac said...

wow, danny this is pretty awesome. the silhouette rocks, and I like the way you pulled and defined the masses. You should feel very floaty not sinky.

Chenpopo said...

Great concept overall.

I think that the planes of your "exhaust vents" don't match the perspective of the top of the vehicle. You prob wouldn't be able to see them or I wouldn't include them in there except as a hint. Hint to the "light" coming out from the bottom because you would prob need to make the exhaust light very bright to make it look right in which case it would overpower the light source coming from the top of the vehicle.

Danny said...

Thanks dudes. Totally agree on the vents, not sure who I was trying to fool there, doh!

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