Monday, July 19, 2010


cthulu! i wanted the monstrous scale of him to be more apparent, suppose a little more than birds are needed eh?


scomac said...

I think if you had a definite low horizon line , receding mountains,it would look HUGE. Way to bring your A-Game. My only bash is its not very tenticle-y

Justin K. said...

i wanted him to have a few *huge* tentacles vs. a mass of 'em. i agree though, would've been stronger if he had more.

Keith said...

The birds work fine for scale here.

Chenpopo said...

I like where this design of the two giant tentacles mirrored by the two big toes at the feet is going.

I think the background is way too overexposed to the point of it being distracting but besides that, good job.

Danny said...

Dig it, the tentacles are aggressive shapes and work well with the wings. I like that you are thinking more as a painter too!

I think the figure would look more intimidating if you resolved the head, i'm not sure if it's too large or that it has no neck that is distracting.

watmough said...

scale is about 3 elements, pretty much.

1)you need a perspective that works for your sense of scale, not against it....for example:

exaggerated perspective looking up him.

2)you need to place it far enough away from the picture plane so you can have stuff that is smaller in the foreground to compare your sense of scale recognizable things like trees, buildings, figures etc..

its important to really think how your atmosphere is influencing how we are perceiving your subject....atmospheric recession, lighting, etc....

above all, get a clear idea in your head before you start painting, look up reference if you have to!
gather 3 or 4 images of things that have a good sense of scale and figure out what it is about them that works, then incorporate that into your painting.

Justin K. said...

sweet, thanks joe.

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