Monday, July 26, 2010

Dat Astronaut

More like astro-not! Ha ha! Had a lot of trouble with this. Even gave up at one point. But decided at the last minute to try to fix it as much as possible. Lots of stuff that still needs to be worked on, but I refuse to look at it anymore. Ha ha!


Danny said...

I like how you handled the materials here, nice variety in texture. I think you could make the image stronger if you had a more consistent light source, though.

scomac said...

I agree with Danny about the lighting, though you actually have multiple lights in your image Good job, I'm glad you didn't give up.

Chenpopo said...

It is important no to give up. YOu learn a lot about yourself by pushing through those last few moments when everything seems so lots and you are frustrated. Or just go do something else for an hour and come back.

I like the design in the background. There are a few anatomical errors like the shoulders being too broad but those are easily fixable. Good job!

watmough said...


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