Thursday, November 3, 2011

Level 5 and 9 sketches.

Ehh, cropping so much makes me sad, but it needs to be done. I couldn't find a way to keep the scale I wanted while have figures in there, so I added a torch, and hopefully that brings them into focus a little bit. They seemed too small to notice without the crop, but now I don't like the composition.

I should have worked ALL of this out in the thumbnail stage! I don't know why I keep doing this.


Keith VanZant said...

The top one is awesome.

christina said...

I agree, I like the top one

Rah-B said...

Well damn, someone told me they liked the bottom one a while ago, so I went ahead and started working on that.
I want a massive sense of scale to the environment and to Satan on the second one. There isn't much in a rocky ice cavern to use as reference for a sense of scale, and the larger I make him, the smaller the environment seems.

isaak said...

If you put tiny figures of Dante and Virgil approaching Satan, I think you could get a good sense of scale. The bottom level has frozen bodies everywhere... you could use that to communicate the desired the scale.

I think adding those variables could add story and make the second reach a higher point than the first one... but then you may end up focusing more on the figures than the environment. The cold atmosphere could really make it badass too. I liked the pocket you had on the initial sketch, but I can see how it would take the eye away from the important part of the painting.

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