Sunday, February 27, 2011

Female Necromancer + improbable glass headgear

So after being badgered (you know who you are) I'm posting something.
Definitely had grander plans for it than being a disembodied head, but it's a start.


Danny said...

Yay -glad you posted! I like your airbrush technique and overall craftsmanship. Did you make your darks cold/desaturated intentionally? I think it works in this case (being that she is a necro) even though they generally are warm and saturated.

Cassandra D said...

(thanks ^_^) I worked entirely in black and white and let the background color bleed into the edges. My original plan was to go with purples but it didn't look right being that cool. I agree though, most any other subject matter wouldn't take to this treatment well.

Rah-B said...

Hah, the way you were talking, you lead me to believe you couldn't draw from imagination. Lies! I'm impressed. Hope to see it updated.

Small crit... The piece extending down from the ear doesn't read as transparent like the rest (But you aren't done, so I don't know if that's something you just hadn't spent much time on yet).

Justin K. said...

nice one! did you mess around with more dramatic lighting?

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