Thursday, February 3, 2011

Keep pushing and pulling with this thing and nothing seems to be I'm ready for feedback


scomac said...

good sense of scale, I think the figure needs a little darker value AND a really long rope : )

Chenpopo said...

Use black as little as possible. Roger teaches us to never use black. Same applies to digital.

You have something going. For this type of shot maybe use a horizontal composition instead of vertical to play upon the sense of vastness of the cave.

Keith said...

Thanks for the crits fellas! Actually Carlos there is no black in this image... it's dark blue. Yeah Scott, I was a little unsure about how dark to make the figure. Also, the climber is prepared with the new "abyss length" rope :)

Danny said...

I think this is a well-crafted image and a good start but it lacks story. Is this image about peering out from a crevice evilly spying upon human intruders? Or is it about a scientist investigating a cave with interesting lichens and geology?

In my opinion, if you think about storytelling and not just about making a pleasing design, the design will solve itself.

Otherwise, I really like how it's starting and the claustrophobic feeling of the rocks.

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