Monday, October 31, 2011

Moon Knight WIP

I tried to move along quickly, and I accidentally did most of the drawing on a layer that already had a fill on it.. Her torso/breasts are not right in perspective, and she has a mans head, but I'm going to start working on the new prompt. Maybe I'll add more later... Maybe.


isaak said...
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isaak said...

I tried to figure it out... don't know if I solved anything for you or just transitioned from one problem to another... what i saw when I put your image on top of professionals was that the legs came up short. What I had a hard time figuring out was whether that was due to the crotch being low or the legs being longer... or if your image was anatomically correct, but lacked the sex appeal that the pros get from exaggerating or stylizing the anatomy.

Anyways... this is my attempt. To be honest, I don't think your anatomy is off at all. I think it's just the professionals knowing where to break the rules for an aesthetically pleasing figure.

Danny said...

Your anatomy is good. Glaring errors, arm too short - hands should reach to mid thigh. Also the pelvis is projecting out and down like a male, in women, the leg usually overlaps the pelvis instead - which Isaak corrected in his paint overs.
Tried drawing over for kicks, might have made it worse, lol. My anatomy needs work too.

Final point - try not to get fussy with anatomy when designing a character, You can solve problems by working through the story, gesture, personality etc.. Not all problems are solved solely with accurate draftsmanship...

Rah-B said...

I think I edited the post the same minute you critiqued it, Danny. Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about, "made it worse". I wish I saw that before continuing, it made me wish I started looser.
While I agree, I could spend more time with almost every single prompt on story and design, you should have seen the anatomy before I removed the amazon. It would have made anyone fussy.

Rah-B said...

Oh, and Isaak, thanks for you're input too, I used you're draw overs to try to thin out the abdomen and make the pelvis come forward.

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