Sunday, October 30, 2011

Um... I hate this...

Ok. I really dislike this for many reasons... I like my design, and that is about it... And I colored it that way because I'm lazy.

Rock-a-billy Sailor moon!


Bradley J. said...

I'ts not all bad. I would refine the initial sketch a little more before going into rendering/color. if you look at where the hips connect to the torso, you'll see that they are clearly too long. Use reference, it can really help you take a sketch idea to the next level.

Keith VanZant said...

What is it you don't like about this? You did a really good job on the face. The car is cool but way too small for the time. Overall I think it's nice. I think Bradley is right there is something not right with the torso/hip area. I think you've made her torso to small; it doesn't seem like there is room for her rib cage. Like B-RAD said, use reference it's important and DON'T BE LAZY

Chelsea "That Guy" Allen said...

The torso area does seem small, but part of the issue may be the high-waisted shorts. If her waist and hips were defined a bit more, it would make it more clear as to what's going on under her layers of clothes.

Overall though, this is really nice! The pose is well balanced and she looks like she is actually leaning on the car.

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