Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yankee Moon

Inspired by yankee (thug) school girls. 
There's a lot of weird stuff going on with the perspective here, but I'm pleased with how the design came out, so it's all good. 


Rah-B said...

Hah, that's great. Is that Tony she's beating up?

Chelsea "That Guy" Allen said...

Thanks! And yep, that's Tony.

Ocokacho said...

Haha this is so wonderful.

Keith VanZant said...

This is pretty cool Chelsea. I like the moon shaped brass knuckles and the bright colors.

If the figure with blonde hair is suppose to be a female she is pretty masculine, especially in the face. Of course, I don't know what yankee (thug) school girls are so maybe that was the look you were going for.

Chelsea "That Guy" Allen said...

Thank you, Keith!

Yeah, I was going for a pretty masculine look, especially for her face. I think I may have exaggerated a little too much with her arms and shoulders, though.

Danny said...

Dude, you're draftsmanship is great! Cool pose and smart composition.

I agree with Keith, the face reads as male, not masculine female. I would tone down on the nose mainly. Never hurts to bust out some ref if you're tackling a tough angle like this, too.

Chelsea "That Guy" Allen said...

Thanks, Danny!

I think I have a tendency to give people masculine faces, but I see what you guys mean about it reading as male entirely. Definitely going to work on that.
I actually took a reference photo for this, but decided too late that I wanted to alter the pose so everything going on with her bottom half was guess work. Probably not the best way to go about it, haha.

christina said...

I love this. It's awesome. I love how she's smoking a cig and Luna as her little mangy brawler kitty is hilarious. Everything works here, if you didn't have the masculine face I don't think it would be as comical.

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