Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still largely a WIP... composition turned out a bit awkward... it's proving to be a fun learning experience.


Keith VanZant said...

Looking good man. I think the composition is good and has story. You see how the left and right tree lines are blending together? You should definitely push the robot and the treeline to the left back in space more. Here is how I would do this : on a new layer select a light color from the sky and paint in the whole area (100%) you want to push back. Then lower the opacity of the whole layer until you get the look your going for. You may have to erase out some areas with a soft brush to get it to look right. Work on the dudes in the foreground to pop them out from those rocks and I think you'll have a really good piece here. Also, the prompt was "primitive". I don't think giant walking robots fit into that category :)

isaak said...

I'll give it a go, sir. Thanks for the info. That's definitely something I didn't like about it... it didn't have any depth or contrast.

PS - yeah... I forgot about the primitive thing when I finished the line work and was happy on what story I wanted to do... and I was just like, ah well, screw it.

sammy said...

Really cool story, composition, and designs you have going here. Polish it on up it would make for a solid illustration!

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