Saturday, December 10, 2011

S.C.G.C.S (Stereotypical Cool Guy Cyborg Soldier)

Kind of losing sight as to what changes affect this positively. I tried to keep the overall piece loose, but what mostly kept me busy was anatomical problems involving the legs. The background and color came as a later addition, but I thought that in the cropped image they add a good cinematic effect.
As usual, critiques welcome.


Cassandra D said...

The look of the metal is really quite nice on the helmet etc.

The one thing I might re-examine is the relationship between the legs.
As it stands, they look like they are on the same plane.
I see you have some back lighting happening, maybe a bit more of that could help push the right leg back.
It might also help to twist the upstage foot more inward. That way the arch of the foot shows you it's definitely the right one.
Another great way to differentiate between the legs is to make the outer part more detailed or more heavily armored than the inside (most real armor is like that.).

Keep it up. This kicks ass.

Danny said...

Cool cool! The medium shot does have a great cinematic feel/ depth of field. Your technique is confident and the sketch is unified and direct as a result.

Your shapes and volumes are well designed and make the figure believable. The next step would be to think about material break-up, rather than using the same shiny brass rendering technique all over. Some parts might be steel, matte rubber, exposed wires, hinges, fittings clasps etc..

Also, the way he's holding the gun is passive and relaxed, rotating it up would have a more agressive/alert feeling depending on what you're going for.

Did a quick po to demonstrate -

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