Sunday, December 11, 2011

Edit: Here's where I'm at now. Fixed the crop and took the silhouette into account. I'm trying to add more without overdoing it... make more of a story out of the character.

Where I'm at now. Any critique welcome.


Danny said...

Sweet man, dig the proportions, pose, costuming. It has a great first read and the design language is a cool adaptation of eastern shapes like the samurai shoulderpads, baggy pants, cloth sash, mask etc.. Also has a ninja turtles feel ftw.

The way you've cropped the image creates tangents at the hand and elbow where they touch the edge. It may seem minor but it cramps the figure instead of giving him room to stand powerfully.

Other comment is that if you reduce the design to just silhouette it has pretty simple overall design. This isn't necessarily bad, in fact simplicity is good but think about ways to break the edges in places like the staff receding out behind him or the shape of the shoulderpads to add some more interest.

Keith VanZant said...

Really cool design man! Your showing lots of confidence in this one. This is the best piece I've seen from you in my opinion. Daniel is right you should fix the crop.

Danny said...


Chelsea "That Guy" Allen said...

So awesome, Isaak! You've really given the guide a lot of personality.

scomac said...

like the progress! it's got lots of "breathing room" and looking good my only issue with this piece might be the left hand it seems a little off, it looks like the thumb should be on top but it looks to big to be just a thumb IMO. Anyway great job keep it up.

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