Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spirit Guy WIP

I was going with a "golden eagle" theme, and had put the character in a pose where he was to have an eagle landing on right arm. I didn't get to that point yet.
Right before posting, I was wondering why that eagle symbol on the sword looked familiar... Unfortunately, after a Google search I found it's a symbol used by.... the Nazis. (They were some stylish bastards.)
So, needless to say the symbol would have to change, as well as the gesture and size of the right arm. I'm sure he'd also benefit from some legs at some point.

Edit: Wow, it really looks like the arm of a small child..


Keith VanZant said...

Nice material work I really get the feeling that it's metal. The whole figure has about the same level of polish so it might look nice if you added a little more love to the face. Also, try adding a sharpen filter over some of your work and see if makes a positive difference. Carlos gave me that tip on my work and it helped clean up my images a bit at the end.

Danny said...

Looks good, I would just resolve the gimpy arm. Possibly make it larger and more foreshortened or have it relaxed at his side.

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