Monday, December 5, 2011

Turtle Guide WIP

this is extremely WIP-y. Please critique the shit out of it.


scomac said...

Turtle's head is way to small and that is one bf rat! Oh and there needs to be more color...

Keith VanZant said...

I agree with Scott. I don't understand what you are trying to tell me with this piece. You said you wanted to go for more of an illustration angle for this one but I think it's too ambitious at this point. I like the way you've started rendering his arm but I think it's too early to go into painting. You should spend some more time designing the guide; at the moment he is a bit plain and there are some anatomy issues. His right arm is much bigger than the other one. Fore-shorting is hard but compare the size of his biceps you'll see what I'm talking about. Overall I think you should just scrap the rat and background and focus on the character.

Danny said...

Keith has a good point, what is your story?
Why is the turtle anthropomorphic and the rat naturalistic (apart from scale)? That's not a bad thing inherently but as it stands their relationship is ambiguous.

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