Monday, August 9, 2010


I struggled more with this than I expected. Researching "steampunk" was pretty cool. I'm surprised no one went with a version of "sex" kitten.


Justin K. said...

scott, this image made me smile almost instantly. i think you may have over "fuzzed" it, with the edges of the fur. i think maybe indications here and there would've sufficed.

and is the kitty floating? if so, sweeeet.

Keith said...

Ya I had to do some steampunk fashion research aswell. I agree with Justin about the fur. The face looks great! Also indicated some anatomny with shadow areas would probably help. Was the tail on a seperate layer? Just wondering if you forgot to put it behind the body layer because that happens to me all the time. haha

Chenpopo said...

As usual, your rendering is pretty tight. I love the leather mask and goggles. Awsome job on that. It works in nice contrast to the fur which i also like your approach to. Seeing your stuff always pushes and inspires me to tighten up, which I need to do even more!

I am confused about a couple of things. What is your message? Is he scared? If so how come he is smiling? Took me a bit to figure out that the two legs closest to you are actually his front and back left side legs and not the two front legs. I think that is where Keith's confusion about the tail is coming from.

scomac said...

Hey guys thanks for the input. I was having fun with the fur and went a little overboard BUT kittens are much more frizzy than their adult counterparts. Shadows would have definitely helped define the form better. Carlos, I was trying to play up the fact that kittens are wound pretty tight and are Jumpy. They hop sideways a lot. So he is executing a startled hop : ) I didn't see the smile until you pointed it out.

Danny said...

Awesome materials, craftsmanship and adherence to the prompt. As for story, the hop is unclear because the pose is of a cat standing. When cats are startled their legs stretch and their back arches (squash). You researched steampunk but not kitties!

Anyway, the headgear is pretty sick, how did you get those clean concentric circles?

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