Monday, August 9, 2010

Steampunk Kitties

So, steampunk/sky pirate cat-people...close enough, right? :I
Last week got crazy, and this week is looking like it'll be even more so. I'll try to keep up with these, but who knows.

In related news! Look! A real bionic kitty! -CLICK THIS-


Justin K. said...

very cool designs. the cheshire mask is especially cool. reminds me of V, with that constant grin on his face. the graphic elements are especially nice!

Keith said...

Nice work! I love the graphic design elements in the background.

Chenpopo said...

You have some very interesting and unique design aesthetics to your work that I enjoy seeing.

Danny said...

Agreed, I admire the thought put into the details.

I feel the design behind the figure on the left is too busy - lots of tangents.
The other one is nice, subtle.

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