Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not finished...but no more time to work on it today. The idea was "cute" the execution not so cute.


scomac said...

Hey, I really like your take on this! I think you could get "cuter" if the baby had a smaller nose and bigger eyes. The mother and child really work well as a unit, I think if you repositioned the father so they over lapped it would help the composition. Good Job.

Keith said...

Thanks Scott! I know what you mean about the childs face...he went through a lot of ages during the process. At first he looked like a middle aged dude with a really small body. Thats what I get for not using a reference for this one.

Justin K. said...

great story with this image. i think it may have helped the scene if the father was grinning as well. that'd be a proud moment for that father methinks, his son wanting his weapon and such.

Chenpopo said...

Solid sketch. As Scott said, needs some compositional work.

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