Saturday, August 7, 2010

I tried to be more painterly with this one rather than relying so heavily on line work.


scomac said...

Hah, good one! Nice textures and materials. Much more painterly. Watch out for the big tangent curve (top edge of the gun, hand and hose) of the gun it almost cuts the picture in half.

Chenpopo said...

Your stuff has been very impressive to me considering you've been at school less than a semester.

I like the way you approached the fur. Watch the perspective on the gun.

Justin K. said...

that's one badass looking kitten. i agree with scott + carlos; gots to watch those tangents!

Danny said...

I like the feeling, both whimsical and gruff, which is how I would imagine a steampunk kitten.

I would have cropped this at the belly. The feet are a challenge to make anthropomorphic (research -> authenticity).

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