Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ghetto Warrior

Its a W.I.P. .....hoping to add color and change a few things and add other tell tale warrior accouterments


Danny said...

that fucking rocks! it seems a little awkward the way he's holding the weapon - maybe clarify the structure of the gun or get into the pose yourself?

otherwise i dig it a lot - sweet!

Keith said...

Sweet shit man. The pose doesn't bother me. The object he is holding is awkward and seems heavy; I think his stance shows this. My only crit is I'm not sure if I would call this "cute". He looks more like a gang banger. I love his nappy fro'

David said...

lol...yep you know i just realized the handle makes it look like a jam box! oooooo a jam box space weapon!

thanks for the crits guys

scomac said...

Dude, you totally kicked some butt on this one. I thought the weapon was supposed to be a jambox combo, How awesome would that be? Rock'n out to you favorite jams while laying waste to the bad guys. I have to agree with Keith... He's not very cute. I think it's the face the proportions, they are wrong for a "cute little one" But EVERYTHING else is excellent.

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