Thursday, August 12, 2010


was up guys.....ive been supa busy, but things are settling down now, so let the fun begin!

You guys are rockin it hardcore!! Super impressed with all the posts!!

i messed with a few crops on this one, but stuck with the full shot......the stairs should have been more rickity and precarious!?


scomac said...

Glad to see you back! I like the way you lead us into the image, very nice. Maybe more texture in the foreground?

Justin K. said...

mista david! ahoy! cool stuff man.

David said...

yeah i think texture bees a good idea! maybe a little cast shadow too....thanks guys

Danny said...

Hey Dave, glad to see you back hombre! Love the mood and your fine detail vs broad indication. Could see the figures being more refined as a story element - they seem like placeholders for scale atm.

Otherwise, really sweet dude. Keep posting!

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