Monday, August 9, 2010

steampunk kitty

a quick revision. thoughts?

here's my p.o.s. it looked much better in my head. struggled with this one for sure. is it me, or does the kitten look separated from the steampunk(ish) robot thing?


Keith said...

Nice Robot man. I think the kitty looks seperated from the rest of the image because of it's colors and lack of detail. Maybe adding some of the background color in there would help. Also its such a dark environment I don't think we would see any white in the cat's fur.

Chenpopo said...

Your bot has a lot of character to him and the mood you were setting up works very well with the character.

The cat does seem very separated from the bot. Keith is correct. That is usually due to a difference in value/lighting of the cat compared to the bot and the rest of the image.

I find that running a smart sharpen filter really helps especially when painting metallic objects to give it those sharp edges. The transition from light to shadow on metallic surfaces is also a lot sharper and not as smooth (have more contrast to them).

Justin K. said...

I'll have to see if I can fix the kitten, thanks for the input! Carlos, will have to mess around with that.

Danny said...

Your robot design/gesture kicks ass, as does the lighting.

The kitty looks like an afterthought that wasn't considered as part of the overall design before you started painting.

Also, when characters are interacting, it helps to have them facing each other unless they are looking away for a specific reason. This traps the eye and tells a clear story.

Justin K. said...

that's pretty much true about the kitty, dan. i had a silhouette of it in the beginning, but got carried away with the robot. definitely didn't work the piece as a whole!

Chenpopo said...

Don't be afraid to push things more and experiment, especially with the lighting.

Cat look better

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